Journal of Health Service Psychology: Fall 2017

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Implementing Routine Outcome Monitoring (ROM) in Clinical Practice

Routine outcome monitoring (ROM) has become a recommended clinical practice. Evidence for the positive effects of monitoring client treatment response…

The Role of Psychological Testing in Pre-Surgical Bariatric Evaluations

Psychological testing should play an integral role in the pre-surgical psychological evaluation of bariatric surgery candidates. Generally, such testing involves…

Clinical and Ethical Issues in Working with a Foreign Language Interpreter

With an increasing population of persons with limited English proficiency (LEP), psychologists are likely to need to conduct assessments through…

Conducting Psychosocial Evaluations of Bariatric Surgery Candidates

A comprehensive psychosocial evaluation is the standard of practice with potential bariatric surgery candidates. Pre-surgery psychosocial evaluations gather information via…

Ethical Issues in the Use of Interpreters with d/Deaf Patients

Clinical work with individuals who are culturally and linguistically different from their therapist is a challenge involving ethical and psychotherapeutic…

Supreme Court 2016–2017: A New Justice and a Term of Surprising Importance

The 2016–2017 Supreme Court session included rulings on professional practice issues and social justice matters. Two cases involved educational opportunities…

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