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Why Duplicate What We Already Have on File?

Licensing boards, healthcare organizations, and employers use the National Register to verify qualifications of psychologists applying for—or maintaining—licensure, privileges, or job opportunities.

During the application process for the National Register Health Service Psychologist credential, you’ll submit documentation of your education, internship, and postdoctoral experience. If you meet the credentialing requirements and your application is approved, this documentation is “banked” and is the foundation for our verifications benefit.

Verification to Licensing Boards

Actively credentialed HSPs may request that a verification letter be sent on their behalf to a state licensing board that participates in the National Register’s licensure mobility program. This verification expedites licensure and eliminates the need to find original documentation of education and training. Some states have additional requirements that must be met by all applicants.

Verification to Healthcare Organizations, Hospitals, and Employers

Agencies that hire or contract with licensed, doctoral-level psychologists can easily verify National Register HSP status by requesting an individual verification letter. Supporting documentation of education and training can be provided on behalf of actively credentialed HSPs.

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We'll validate your education and training to a licensing board, healthcare organization, or employer.

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