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Distinguish yourself as a health service psychologist and get access to benefits like expedited licensure mobility, credentials banking and verification, practice visibility through, free continuing education, publications, and savings with partner organizations. We encourage you to review our credentialing standards.

*Note: If you are a former Registrant, you may qualify for reinstatement.


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Doctoral Students and

Postdoctoral Trainees

The National Psychologist Trainee Register was developed so you can bank credentials over time, as you complete your education and training, and while you are still in frequent contact with program directors and supervisors. 

Click here to learn more about NPTR and credentials banking.

Credentialing Scholarships

Credentialing Scholarships for Early Career Psychologists (ECPs)

These scholarships help ECPs (within 10 years of award of doctoral degree) become credentialed as Health Service Psychologists by covering the cost of the application fee.
Click here for eligibility information and to apply by October 15, 2018.

Credentialing Scholarships for Doctoral Students & Postdoc Trainees

These scholarships help doctoral students and postdoc trainees who are interested in becoming credentialed by the National Register through its student program, the National Psychologist Trainee Register (NPTR), by covering the cost of the application fee.
Click here for eligibility information and to apply by October 15, 2018.

What are the Benefits?

In addition to our member benefits listed here, Registrants and Trainee Registrants have free access to our new Integrated Healthcare Training Series. The National Register created this training series to help position Health Service Psychologists and prepare psychology trainees to be essential team members in integrated healthcare. 

Registrants and Trainee Registrants can access these videos via You'll log in using your Registrant/Applicant ID and password.