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Health Service Psychologist (HSP) Credential
Licensed Doctoral-Level Psychologists

For licensed doctoral-level psychologists only (see credentialing requirements below), this is our flagship product. Apply today and join the approximately 10,000 licensed psychologists across the US and beyond who hold the HSP credential. They enjoy all of the National Register benefits, including credentials banking and verification, licensure mobility, unlimited access to our continuing education program and clinical content, a profile on, a subscription to the Journal of Health Service Psychology, and more.


Associate Program
Psychology Doctoral Students and Trainees

The National Register Associate Program is for students who are currently enrolled in an APA- or CPA-accredited doctoral program, or for graduates completing their postdoctoral supervised experience. Associates have access to all of the National Register’s clinical content including monthly webinars, the Journal of Health Service Psychology, podcasts, and more. The National Register is also in the process of designing a series of micro-certifications to enrich Associates’ clinical skills and make members more competitive in the internship application process. Advanced Associates bank credentials, including practicum hours, internship confirmation forms, transcripts, and postdoctoral confirmation forms as part of the application for the HSP credential.


Practice Academy
Psychologists and Behavioral Healthcare Professionals

The National Register Practice Academy is designed to enrich clinical practice across behavioral healthcare professions. Practice Academy members have access to all National Register education and professional development products and partnership programs. The Practice Academy is ideal for licensed psychologists who either do not meet the requirements for the HSP credential or cannot document their education and training, or for licensed members of other healthcare professions.


Credentialing Requirements

Find out if you qualify for the National Register HSP credential by reviewing our credentialing requirements.
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