Public Information

We act in the public interest by ensuring that our Registrants maintain an active license and adhere to ethical standards.

Committee on Professional Practice and Ethics

The National Register does not initiate, independently investigate, or adjudicate complaints against Registrants, Associate members, or applicants. Any action by the National Register/Committee on Professional Practice and Ethics (COPPE) is based upon documentation received from the investigation and adjudication by outside organizations, such as state/provincial psychology boards and associations, governmental bodies, and courts. Only when a question is raised concerning the possibility of “any significant misrepresentation in connection with his/her application for listing” does the National Register conduct its own investigation.

For further information regarding procedures, scope of sanctions, and bases for sanctions, see the Guidelines Concerning Withdrawal of the National Register Credential Due to Professional Misconduct below.

Guidelines for Credential Withdrawal

Bylaws (PDF)

The following persons have had their National Register Health Service Psychologist Credential withdrawn pursuant to the Guidelines Concerning Withdrawal of the National Register Credential Due to Professional Misconduct.

Toupin, Yvon: Failure to meet the criterion of having completed a doctoral degree in psychology (posted 2011)

Busick, Carole A.: TX License Revoked (posted 2015, updated 2017)

Nerenberg, Arnold P.: CA License on Probation (posted 2015)

Webb, Wanda M.: NC License Revoked (posted 2016)

Sapienza, M. Melanie: CA License Revoked (posted 2017)

Kirkland, Karl: AL License Suspended (posted 2017)

Fraga, Michael: CA License Revoked (posted 2017)

Murphy, Kathleen J.: CT License Active, On Probation (posted 2017)

Roherty, Gerald: WI License Current (Active), Limited (posted 2017)

Beauchamp, Elizabeth L.: NY License Registered, On Probation (posted 2017)

Lees, Patricia: TN License on Probation (posted 2017)

Poag, John C: CA License Surrendered (posted 2017)

Allen, Clark E.: CT License Inactive – Voluntary Surrender to Resolve Pending Matter (posted 2018)

Tapper, Bruce J.: WA License Active with Conditions (posted 2018)

Mouille, David R.: KS License Revoked (posted 2018)

Johnson, Michael E.: AZ License Active, On Probation (posted 2019)

Waltz, Sharon: AL License Suspended (posted 2019)

Otero, Rafael: TX License Active, On Probation (posted 2019)

Hoyle, Jonathan: TX License Active, On Probation (posted 2021)

Fiber Sigmon, Christy: CA License Renewed & Current, On Probation (posted 2021)

Fontenelle, III, Scuddy F.: LA License on Probation (posted 2022)

Wonder, Nancy: FL License on Probation (posted 2022)

McNiff Jones, Judiann: TN License on Probation (posted 2023)

Alessandri, Fernando: TX License Suspended (posted 2023)

Kunen, Seth: LA License Permanently Surrendered (posted 2023)

Lanaville, Dawn Yvonne: NC License Active with Conditions (posted 2024)

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