Credentialing Requirements

To be eligible for the National Register Health Service Psychologist (HSP) Credential, applicants must have (at a minimum):
  1. A doctoral degree in psychology from a program that was APA/CPA accredited or ASPPB/National Register designated at the time of graduation. Outside of the US and Canada, a doctoral degree in psychology that meets the National Register Doctoral Degree Guidelines.
  2. Doctoral-level internship that meets Guidelines for Defining an Internship or Organized Health Service Training Program in Psychology
  3. Postdoctoral supervised experience in direct health services that meets Guidelines for Supervised Postdoctoral Experience
  4. An active, unrestricted license/certification/registration by a state, provincial, or territorial Board of Examiners of Psychology to practice psychology at the independent practice level.
  5. A passing score on the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).
It may seem impossible, but we are partners in this.

Our credentialing managers will guide you through this process step by step. It’s worth the time now to save you time and effort later in your career. We’ll determine if you meet our HSP credentialing requirements, walk you through the online application, and help you locate your supervisors. If you have fully reviewed our credentialing requirements and do not qualify for the National Register HSP credential, but would still like access to some of our benefits, learn about the National Register Practice Academy.

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The National Register HSP credential indicates that the psychologist has met special educational and experiential requirements related to health service provision. Although state requirements can appear to be the same, some may have alternate eligibility criteria for licensure that do not meet the National Register’s requirements. This commitment helps us to achieve the “gold standard” expected of us.

Psychology doctoral students and trainees may bank credentials as each stage of education and training is completed.

No, the National Register does not require this waiting period.

If you are a licensed psychologist, you can email Kim directly!

If you are a doctoral student or trainee, you can email Laura directly!

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