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Licensed doctoral-level psychologists who meet the National Register’s credentialing requirements can apply for the HSP credential. As one of 10,000 credentialed members of the National Register, you’ll enjoy all of our benefits, including credentials banking and verificationlicensure mobility, unlimited access to our continuing education program and clinical content, a profile on, a subscription to the Journal of Health Service Psychology, and more.

How Does Credentials Banking Work?

During the application process for the National Register Health Service Psychologist credential, you’ll submit documentation of your education, internship, and postdoctoral experience. If you meet the credentialing requirements and your application is approved, this documentation is “banked” and you’ll receive access to the many benefits we offer for the duration of your membership.

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There is an application fee and annual credential renewal fee. Review all National Register fees. If you have questions about these fees, please contact us.

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The National Register offers credentialing scholarships that cover the cost of the application fee. Scholarships are awarded every April and October.

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