Melissa Miranda

2023 Internship Travel Scholarship Winner

Internship Travel Scholarship

$1,000 Scholarships Support Relocation to Internship

2024 Applications Closed

National Register/American Psychological Foundation Internship Travel Scholarship

These $1,000 scholarships are awarded annually to psychology doctoral students who will transition to an APA/CPA accredited internship in a new geographic location later that year. Applicants for the $1,000 scholarship are selected based on both their stated goals as a health service psychologist and economic need.

The National Register/APF Internship Travel Scholarship is funded through donations by the National Register, its members, and others who support this initiative.

Important Information
  • The 2024 deadline to apply was April 10. We received 600 applications!
  • We awarded 80 scholarships at $1,000 each in 2023 and 60 scholarships in 2022.
Travel distance of 2023 ITS winners
  • Applicants must be graduate students currently enrolled in good standing in a doctoral program that is accredited by the American Psychological Association’s Commission on Accreditation (COA) or the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA).
  • Applicants must have been placed in the same year in which they apply for the scholarship into a predoctoral internship that is accredited by the APA or CPA.
  • Applicants must be physically relocating to their internship site.
  • Applicants must be members of the National Register’s Associate Program (free to join at
How To Apply in 2025

Complete the online application when the application window opens. Application materials include:

  • CV
  • cover letter (Your letter should include a statement of need and an explanation of your intended career goals. Please include an explanation of your interest in a Health Service Psychology career.)
  • attestation of physical relocation for internship
  • attestation of membership in the National Register’s Associate Program
Past Recipients

Aileen Terrazas, Texas A&M University

Aksheya Sridhar, Michigan State University

Allegra Anderson, Vanderbilt University

Allison Brook Duncan, Xavier University

Alyssa Switaj, Azusa Pacific University

Amy Renee Prescott, University of La Verne

Anthony Robinson, Louisiana State University

Ashley Bockting Jens, Regent University

Ashley Varghese, PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium

Beata Anna Krembuszewski, Sam Houston State University

Briana Williams, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Brooke McGarry, Xavier University

Caitlin Lefebvre, Sam Houston State University

Camelia Adrienne Harb, University of Missouri – St. Louis

Cara Lucke, University of Minnesota

Cardinal Do, Ohio University

Christine Kindler, Howard University

Chun Yi Joey Cheung, Temple University

Cody Michio Kaneshiro, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Cory Frederick Knight, University of Houston-Clear Lake

Desheane Newman, Palo Alto University

Elizabeth Lanzillo, The Catholic University of America

Emanuel Michael Boutzoukas, University of Florida

Emily Ann Bramande, Gallaudet University

Emily Donovan, Virginia Commonwealth University

Esther Esmeralda Palacios-Barrios, University of Pittsburgh

Feng Xing, George Washington University

Jamie Layton, Seattle Pacific University

Jordan Leigh Thomas, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Julia Alcaraz-Gamez, Pacific University

Kaitlin Wray, Regent University

Karina Puent, Midwestern University – Downers Grove

Kathryn Anna Biesiada, Pacific University

Kathy Shanit Benhamou, Case Western Reserve University

Keiona Brooks, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Kelsey Hobbs, University of Minnesota

Koret Munguldar, The New School for Social Research

LaVarius Christopher Harris, Auburn University

Li Shen Chong, University at Albany, The State University of New York

Lindsay R. Meredith Broussard, University of California, Los Angeles

Lindsey Nadon, Concordia University, Montreal

Lizi Zhong, Ball State University

Lydia Muyingo, Dalhousie University

Maria Natalia Acosta Canchila, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Marina Zaher Nakhla, SDSU/UC San Diego Joint Doctoral Program

Mason Alfie Blake, Boston University

Melissa Avila, Virginia Commonwealth University

Melissa Miranda, Nova Southeastern University

Merranda Marie McLaughlin, University of Miami

Molly Dietrich, California School of Professional Psychology at Alliant International University

Mykola Zubko, Pacific University

Natalie Aileen Larez, University of California, Santa Barbara

Nina Jean Anderson, University of Denver

Noelle Mastrili, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Paris J. Ball, University of Virginia

Parisa Renee Kaliush, University of Utah

Patrick K. Murphy, Purdue University

Patrick McGonigal, University of Nebraska Lincoln

Phyu Pannu Khin, University of Vermont

Quratulain Gulamhussein, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Rachel Anne Arnold, Brigham Young University

Rebecca L Griffith, University of Kansas

Rebecca Margarita Young, University of Alaska Anchorage

Repairer Etuk Okon Etuk, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Richmond Hayes, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robyn Metcalfe, University of Oregon

Rosemary Ngozi Emordi, University of Kansas

Sabrina Mohamed Rafi, The Wright Institute

Sarah Ghose, Virginia Commonwealth University

Satveer Kler, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Sofia Huang, Duquesne University

Solangia Engler, Texas A&M University

Stephanie Jo Strong, University of Southern Mississippi

Stephenie Marie Wescoup, New Mexico State University

Tamara M Abu-Ramadan, University of Wyoming

Thalia Nicholson, East Tennessee State University

Tia Tyndal, The Catholic University of America

Timothy Sullivan, Stony Brook University

Valery Benitez Santiago, Albizu University

Yeonsoo Park, University of Notre Dame

  • Adam Taylor Everson, University of Missouri-Columbia
  • Adrian Maria Valadez, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Ahyoung Tae, Alliant International University
  • Amanda Marie Parks, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Ashley Bazier, Indiana State University
  • Ashley Jones, University of Southern Mississippi
  • Ashley MacPherson, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Brynna Hope Heflin, Florida International University
  • Caitlyn Weaver, The University of Southern Mississippi
  • Carlos Alberto Vidales, Iowa State University
  • Charda A. Davis, William James College
  • Christal Davis, University of Missouri
  • Corey Stephen Meyer, Pacific University
  • Dahyeon Kang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Danielle Glad, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
  • Débora Leme Palmiere Spradling, Texas A&M University
  • Elizabeth Cárdenas Bautista, University of Georgia
  • Emily Hunt, Teachers College Columbia University
  • Giselle Gomez, University of La Verne
  • Jaime Aguilar Napan, Loma Linda University
  • Jarrad Hodge, Tulane University
  • Jensen Davis, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Jensi Gise, Georgia State University
  • Jungyeong Heo, Florida State University
  • Katie Console, Texas A&M University
  • Kelly A. Romano, Virginia Consortium Program in Clinical Psychology
  • Kelly Cosgrove Raleigh, The University of Tulsa
  • Lisa Nina Cruz, Yeshiva University, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology
  • Marisa Isabel Benavides Sole, Lehigh University
  • Maryam Saleem, The George Washington University
  • Matthew Emmett Reiland, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, School of Education, and School of Psychology
  • Matthew Portner, Pacific University
  • Micah Savin, Fordham University
  • Michael Jude Vitro, Texas Tech University
  • Nakisa Saidi Asefnia, University of South Carolina
  • Nathan R. Ramirez, Alliant International University, Fresno
  • Pamela Dawn Payne, MA, Kansas City, School of Medicine and Biosciences
  • Pevitr Singh Bansal, University of Kentucky
  • Rita Michelle Rivera Varela, Albizu University
  • Rosy Liliana Chavez-Najera, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Ryan C. Thompson, Palo Alto University
  • Sally Stratmann, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Samantha Addante, Oklahoma State University
  • Samantha Roop, Indiana State University
  • Samuel Spencer, University of Hawaii
  • Sarah Bills, University of South Carolina
  • Sarah L. de Marchena, University of Missouri
  • Sarah Ross Fishel, Drexel University
  • Shaina Kumar, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Shaylea Badovinac, York University
  • Shreya Lakhan-Pal, University of Minnesota
  • Stephanie Amaya, University of Wyoming
  • Stephanie Vazquez Gonzalez, Albizu University
  • Sydney Shear, Nova Southeastern University
  • Terrell Alexander Hicks, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Tyler Ayana Womack, University of California, Riverside
  • Tyler Grace Powers, University of Colorado Colorado Springs
  • Victor S. Pannu, Alliant International University
  • Violeta Rodriguez, University of Georgia
  • Yilei Gao, The University of Kansas
  • Yodit Denu, University of South Dakota

Patrick McGonigal

2023 ITS Winner

I am so incredibly grateful for the National Register Internship Travel Scholarship. As a first-generation and lower-income graduate student, I have had to navigate and overcome many financial obstacles throughout graduate school independently. This scholarship helps alleviate the financial barriers of relocation for clinical training so that students can focus on learning as much as possible during such an essential and formative year.

Internship Travel Scholarships

Scholarships for transitioning to an internship in a new geographic location.


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