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Internship Travel Scholarship

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A $1,000 Scholarship to Support the Transition to Internship

The National Register of Health Service Psychologists and the American Psychological Foundation (APF) are pleased to announce the new Internship Travel Scholarship.

Supporting Interns in 2023 and Beyond

We need more health service psychologists, but graduate study is increasingly unaffordable.

These scholarships are funded through donations by the National Register, its members, and others. In the initial year, we will award sixty (60) $1,000 scholarships. If the fund can attract sufficient donors, we will expand this program to accommodate more students in 2023 and beyond. 

Will you help us support more students in 2023?
  • To support this effort, visit the APF’s online donation page. To ensure that your donation goes to the Internship Travel Scholarship, you must specify that, yes, the donation is “for a particular fund” and select “National Register of Health Service Psychologists – Internship Travel Scholarship” from the dropdown options for “Fund Type.” 
About the Internship Travel Scholarship

This $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to 60 psychology doctoral students who are transitioning to an APA/CPA accredited internship in a new geographic location in 2022. Applicants for the $1,000 scholarship will be selected based on both their stated goals as a health service psychologist and economic need. More information about the travel scholarship is located on APF’s website.

Further Reading

Read more about the importance of this effort in Dr. Morgan Sammons’ February 2022 column announcement.

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