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If you are accepting new patients or clients, your National Register credential offers you the opportunity to be listed on our consumer-referral website, Using this resource, potential patients or clients can connect with a psychologist who meets National Register standards: you! Make your profile stand out by ensuring that it’s complete and that you have a professional photo displayed. Follow these recommendations for updating your Registrant account.

Step 1: Evaluate Your Listing
  • If you are not currently accepting new patients or clients, please specify this information. This ensures that consumers have access only to psychologists who are accepting referrals. You can update this when you begin accepting new patients.
  • If you are currently accepting new patients, proceed to review the rest of your account settings below so that your profile displays properly.
Step 2: Review Your Contact Information
  • Display at least one office phone number (required) and office address (recommended). 
  • Keep email contact enabled so that potential patients can email with questions.
  • If you have a practice website, you can add or update the website URL.
Step 3: Review Your Qualifications

These categories are used as search filters. Potential patients can find your profile using the information you add to each category.

  • List at least one option for ages served.
  • List at least one area of expertise.
  • List accepted insurance plans, or specify that you do not accept insurance.
  • If applicable, add languages spoken other than English.
  • List at least one treatment modality.
Step 4: Upload an Updated Photo

We recommend that you display a professional photo to personalize your profile. This can be the same professional photo you would use on another professional website. Please upload your photo at 250×250 (square).

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Additional Ways to Boost Your Visibility
Questions About Your Listing, the National Register’s referral website, provides consumers with educational resources, self-help strategies, and a searchable database of credentialed psychologists—including you! This wonderful resource encourages potential patients to review your profile details and reach out to set up an appointment. It’s also a great tool for you if you are looking for a referral to another health service psychologist. is intended to help potential patients find a psychologist for mental health support. It is standard practice to publicly display at least one office location and phone number. Without a phone number displayed on your profile, a potential patient cannot call your office with questions about your expertise, insurance coverage, or to set up an appointment. We encourage potential patients to reach out to several psychologists to find the best fit before beginning treatment. For these reasons, a public (office) phone number is required for your profile to display on

No. is intended to help potential patients find a psychologist for mental health support. If you are not currently accepting new patients or clients but remain on this site, this could be a disservice to those looking for help. If you are not currently accepting new patients, please specify this in your Registrant account. You can update this again any time your status changes. Please note that is not a professional verification database. Professional verifications are a separate benefit of the National Register.

You can update the additional fields that come with your upgraded profile by editing your profile in your Registrant account.

To ask additional questions, email Catherine!

Upgrade Your Profile

Provide potential patients a more comprehensive look at your qualifications.

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1200 New York Ave NW, Ste 800

Washington DC 20005

p: 202.783.7663

f: 202.347.0550

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