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Editorial Coverage Statement

The Journal of Health Service Psychology is a translational and clinical journal which publishes articles of direct clinical relevance to Health Service Psychologists and other behavioral health practitioners. The unifying theme is that they must address a current clinical issue or practice challenge and to the maximum extent possible be of immediate applicability to clinicians. Clinical topics in both mental health and physical health are appropriate, and submissions on integrated care delivery are of particular interest. JHSP does not publish basic research or theoretical analyses.

Specifications for Manuscript Submission

The focus of manuscripts for JHSP should be geared towards actual clinical challenges faced by practitioners on the front-line of service delivery. Our readers seek information that directly relates to the clinical and practice challenges they face and how they approach and handle them. Manuscripts may be empirical contributions, integrative reviews, or evidence-supported descriptions of best practices. The text portion of manuscripts may be between 15 and 25 double-spaced pages in length, in 12-point font, with an abstract and title page. References, tables and other backmatter should be formatted in APA style and are not included in the page count for the manuscript proper.

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