Integrated Healthcare Training Series

Position Your BHCs for Success in Integrated Healthcare

The Integrated Healthcare Training Series contains 42 videos (more than 11 total hours) covering theory, models, and implementation as well as discussion of the medical, pharmacological, and psychosocial management of conditions that commonly present in integrated settings. Featured presenters include Drs. Neftali Serrano, Parinda Khatri, Kent Corso, Jeff Goodie, Bob McGrath, and more.

The series, developed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, is ideal for onboarding and training Behavioral Healthcare Consultants (BHCs). Licensing arrangements are available to FQHCs and other healthcare agencies at a very reasonable cost. Continuing education credits for providers is included.

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Licensing Models

Healthcare organizations utilize the National Register’s Integrated Healthcare Training Series to onboard and provide continuing professional development opportunities to BHCs. Three licensing models are available.

Classroom Use

Healthcare organizations that gather BHCs for regular training and onboarding can use the classroom licensing model. This model provides one year of unlimited access to the videos for group training sessions. Continuing education is available to providers participating in the group training.

Institutional Access to

Healthcare organizations may also purchase multiple subscriptions to for their BHCs. Subscriptions are valid for one year. Continuing education is awarded as the videos are completed. This model is ideal for healthcare organizations that wish to provide self-paced learning for their BHCs.

Individual Access to

BHCs may purchase individual subscriptions to The subscription is valid for one year. Continuing education is awarded as the videos are completed.

Please contact Andrew Boucher ( for pricing and other details.

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