Journal of Health Service Psychology: November 2020

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Psychological Practice at Six Months of COVID-19: A Follow-Up to the First National Survey of Psychologists During the Pandemic

We conducted a survey of licensed psychologists at two weeks and again at six months after the declaration of a…

Collaborating With Patients on Firearms Safety in High-Risk Situations

Both angry and depressed patients may become a potential violent risk to self or others under some conditions. Means/harm reduction…

Supreme Court 2019–2020: Insanity, Discrimination, and DACA—And a Pandemic

The 2019–2020 Supreme Court session was an extraordinary session. One major ruling involved insanity defense and whether the two prongs…

Commonsense Recommendations for Standard Care of Suicidal Risk

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, yet many mental health providers have limited academic-based…

Determining Psychological Disability for the Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides long-term disability benefits for workers who have been rendered disabled by physical and/or mental…

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