Journal of Health Service Psychology: Volume 48 Issue 2

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¿Dónde está mi mamá? Clinical Implications of Family Separations

Immigrant children and youth from the Northern Triangle region of Central America report considerable trauma and arrive to the United…

Assessment and Treatment of Adolescents With Chronic Medical Conditions

Chronic medical conditions persist for one year or more, require ongoing medical intervention, and impair functioning. Approximately 10-30% of youth…

Conducting Couple Therapy via Telehealth: Special Considerations for Virtual Success

Couples may experience any number of barriers to in-person couple therapy, including scheduling difficulties, childcare needs, and stigma. Providing couple…

Relapse on the Road to Recovery: Learning the Lessons of Failure on the Way to Successful Behavior Change

Among individuals seeking to change health-related behaviors, relapse is a common experience. Whether it occurs very soon after initiating a…

A Shift in Approach: Assessment and Treatment of Adults With Functional Neurological Disorder

Functional neurological disorder (FND) is a complex condition involving an interaction of psychological, physiological, and social factors. Despite high utilization…

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