Journal of Health Service Psychology: Volume 46 Issue 2

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Psychological Practice and the COVID-19 Crisis: A Rapid Response Survey

Psychological practice has changed dramatically over the past 125 years. The two world wars both served to stimulate and change…

Moral Injury in Times of COVID-19

Health care providers are facing increased risk of moral distress during the COVID-19 pandemic because of changes in clinical practice…

Psychological Intervention With Upper Extremity Injured Patients in a Multidisciplinary Hand Center

Work-related upper extremity injuries result in significant functional and psychological symptoms. Early psychological intervention in an interdisciplinary setting is highly…

Psychologist Self-Care During the Pandemic: Now More Than Ever

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the lives and practices of psychologists and has highlighted the need for time-efficient self-care. The…

Adverse Drug Reactions: What Every Psychologist Should Know

Adverse drug reactions (ADRs) are undesirable, unwanted, and harmful side effects to a medication. There are currently over 2 million…

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