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Start Banking your Credentials

The National Psychologist Trainee Register (NPTR) is a credentials banking and review service for doctoral students and postdoctoral trainees who intend to become credentialed as Health Service Psychologists (HSP). This application is designed to be completed in parts, over time. Doctoral students can start banking practicum hours as early as the first year of graduate school. The internship training program, doctoral degree in psychology, and postdoctoral supervised experience is then banked upon successful completion. Documentation submitted with each part of the application is reviewed by the National Register to determine whether or not the applicant’s education and training meets the criteria for the HSP credential.

Once the applicant is licensed as a psychologist (and their education and training have been approved by the National Register) he/she will be awarded the Health Service Psychologist credential (upon verification of licensure and receipt of required registration materials).

Banking your Credentials

Step 1

The student application is designed to be completed in parts, over time, as you are completing your education and training (Part 1: Internship, Part 2: Doctoral Degree, and Part 3: Postdoctoral Supervised Experience).

  • Request an online application and let us know where you are in your training. The appropriate application part(s) will be emailed to you.
  • Login to your online application using your User ID and Pin Number
  • Complete your online application and submit the credential review fee online

If you have questions about completing your online application, email

Step 2

  • Part 1: Send the internship confirmation form to your internship training director or primary supervisor to complete
  • Part 2: Request an official transcript be sent to the NR office (1200 New York Ave. NW, Ste 800, Washington, DC 20005)
  • Part 3: Send the postdoctoral confirmation form to your supervisors to complete

If you have completed your online application, but are having trouble tracking your supervisors, email

Step 3

As soon as you are licensed, you must submit the Registration Attestation form and the registration fee of $150.


If you have any questions regarding the National Register’s application process, email

Is the Initial Cost a Barrier?

Is the application fee holding you back? Apply for a National Psychologist Trainee Register (NPTR) Credentialing Scholarship. These scholarships have been awarded to doctoral students in psychology who are interested in becoming credentialed by the National Register, but for whom the initial cost was a financial hurdle. For more information visit: National Psychologist Trainee Register (NPTR) Credentialing Scholarship

Access Benefits Upon Licensure: 

As a Trainee Registrant, you have free access to our new Integrated Healthcare Training Series. The National Register created this training series to help position Health Service Psychologists and prepare psychology trainees to be essential team members in integrated healthcare. We're excited to share these videos with you at no cost.

You can access these videos via You'll log in using your Applicant ID and password.

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