Leadership Inequity, Burnout, and Lower Engagement of Women in Medicine


Sullivan, A. B., Hersh, C. M., Rensel, M., Benzil, D. L. (2023). Leadership Inequity, Burnout, and Lower Engagement of Women in Medicine. Journal of Health Service Psychology, 49(1), 33-39.


Gender parity has been reached in graduation rates from medical school, yet women in medicine continue to face obstacles in promotion, compensation and opportunities, leading to leadership inequity, higher burnout and lower engagement. These complex issues with gender are just one aspect of the wide challenges related to diversity, equity and inclusion among medical professionals. While there are no “one size fits all” approaches, psychologists are well positioned to lead efforts related to promoting leadership equity, reducing burnout and raising engagement because of their training in communication skills, programmatic development and empathetic listening. This paper details several evidence-based efforts in which psychologists can lead in these ongoing issues for women in medicine.

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