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All webinars are 2:00–3:00 p.m. Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.

  • March 17 (Register Now): Robyn Metcalfe will present “The Family Check-Up Model: Family Assessment and Feedback”
  • March 23 @ 12PM ET/9AM PT: Drs. Julian Ford, Jana Martin, Morgan T. Sammons, and Melissa Wasserman will discuss “Transitioning to Telepsychology: Practical and Risk Management Issues”
  • April 7 (Register Now): Drs. Kate Nooner and Nora Noel will present “Helping Clients With Substance Use Recovery Goals During COVID-19”
  • April 14: In collaboration with The Trust. Dr. Joe Scroppo will present “Duty to Protect: General Principles and Practical Advice”
  • May 12: Dr. Alan K. Davis will present “The What, Why, and How of Psilocybin-Assisted Psychotherapy”
  • June 9: Drs. Daria Kuss and Halley Pontes will provide an introduction to current empirical research and clinical practice in treating problematic Internet use
  • July 21: In collaboration with CFHA. More details to come.
  • September 15: In collaboration with The Trust. More details to come.

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