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Upcoming Webinars

All webinars are 2:00–3:00 p.m. Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.
  • July 13 (REGISTER NOW): In collaboration with CHE, Dr. Robert C. Nelson will present “Chronic Disease Progression and End-of-Life Concerns in Older Adults”
    • Chronic disease progression presents numerous challenges to treatment planning. As chronic medical conditions progress in later life, patients often experience the onset or exacerbation of depression, anxiety, psychosis, and other mental health symptoms that can compound other end of life concerns. Dr. Robert Nelson will provide examples of disease progression and common end of life concerns and will provide options for effective treatment intervention and compassionate psychological assistance to older adults with chronic disease.
  • August 17: Dr. Yacob Tekie will present “Working With Refugees: Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Interventions”
    • With an increasing number of refugees worldwide, the long-term impact of adverse health outcomes in refugee populations is a dominant problem throughout the world. Providers who deliver mental health services to individuals from refugee backgrounds need to have therapeutic interventions that are culturally and linguistically appropriate and effective for their clients. Dr. Yacob Tekie will provide an overview of the challenges that refugees endure and ways to address their wellbeing within their current existence in the U.S., and will also highlight refugee research, therapeutic interventions, and recommendations for evidence-based best practices.
  • September 14: In collaboration with The Trust, Dr. Marc A. Martinez will present “Practical Guidance and Risk Management for Interjurisdictional Practice.”
    • Recent advancements in technology have provided new opportunities for the remote delivery of mental health services. These same developments have also contributed to the increasing mobility of service recipients. Dr. Martinez will discuss strategies for managing risk as it relates to interjurisdictional mental health practice.

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Professional Practice Builder: Knowledge & Skills to Thrive in Private Practice 

The National Register of Health Service Psychologists’ Professional Practice Builder: Knowledge & Skills to Thrive in Private Practice provides attendees with knowledge, confidence, and specific advice for starting a private practice as a health service psychologist (HSP). Watch archived sessions!

Upcoming Associate Certificate Program

All sessions are 7:00–8:30 p.m. Eastern Time unless otherwise specified.
These sessions will be open to psychology doctoral students and trainees.
  • Certificate program on suicidology
    • October 6, 13, and 20

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