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Advertising Policy: The National Register of Health Service Psychologists accepts advertising for the purpose of providing information about resources that are consistent with the mission of the National Register. The content of advertisements placed by organizations must be informational and related to psychology, either by education and training, science, social welfare, or to provide products or programs to benefit Registrants. The National Register reserves the right to use its sole discretion to select advertisements that are applicable to each issue and to apply editorial changes where necessary. Acceptance of one advertisement does not guarantee acceptance of future advertisements.

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The Register Report is a magazine for Registrants of the National Register, other psychologists, graduate students, and healthcare organizations. It is distributed in the spring and fall of each year. The Register Report offers articles on current issues of importance to the psychological community and to the profession, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach a specific target market.

• Circulation: Approximately 11,000
• Stock: Printed on 70 lb. stock
• Deadlines: Spring issue – March 1; Fall issue – September 1

We accept ads in PDF format by email (file limit 8MB).