Why Bank Credentials with the National Register?

Licensed psychologists, postdoctoral trainees, and doctoral students bank primary source credentials with the National Register as part of the application process. Having this information on file—especially documents from supervisors who may not be available in five or 10 or more years—can be invaluable when it comes to applying for another license, credentialing with a healthcare organization, privileging at a hospital, or  simply a new job. All National Register credentialed psychologists have access to their credentials bank and we will send unlimited free verifications on behalf of any member.

Verifications to Licensing Boards

The National Register streamlines licensure mobility by verifying education and training on behalf of Registrants. The state/provincial/territorial requirements may still include taking an oral or jurisprudence exam, but the endorsement of credentials saves time and effort, and reduces frustration by eliminating the need to order transcripts and locate past training supervisors.

To see a full list of jurisdictions approving or are currently modifying regulations to accept the National Register credential, visit our licensure mobility page.

Verifications to Healthcare Organizations, Hospitals, and Employers

Healthcare organizations, hospitals, and employers use the National Register to verify that psychologists have met the education and training requirements necessary to qualify for reimbursement or to be included in a provider network, or simply as a quality assurance measure. Typically, these organizations query NationalRegisterPro.org or request an individual verification letter.  In cases when an internship or postdoctoral confirmation form is required, National Register staff sends the documentation on behalf of the psychologist, free of charge.

To request verification of your National Register credential, click here.