John D. Robinson, EdD, ABPP, Named 2016 Alfred M. Wellner Lifetime Achievement Award Winner


JDRAt the National Register’s spring meeting, the Board of Directors voted to present the 2016 Alfred M. Wellner, PhD, Lifetime Achievement Award to John D. Robinson, EdD, ABPP.

The award, named after the first Executive Officer, Alfred M. Wellner, PhD, is the highest honor bestowed on a Registrant by the National Register to commemorate numerous and significant contributions to psychology during a distinguished career.

Upon receipt of the award, Dr. Robinson said, “It is truly an honor to have been selected for the 2016 Alfred M. Wellner Lifetime Achievement Award for significant contributions to the field of psychology. I have been a Registrant since 1976 and had the opportunity to work personally with Dr. Wellner. My greatest pleasure is to know that the Register views my career as being a distinguished one. I hope I have made an impact not only on the profession, but also on other psychologists, especially our early career colleagues. Thank you very much for this honor.”

Dr. Robinson has received many awards during his career, most recently including the APA Division 17 Elder Recognition Award for Distinguished Contributions and that APA Division 38 Nathan Perry Award for Distinguished Service and Contributions. He has also contributed numerous publications and professional presentations to the psychology community.

The nomination letters submitted by Drs. Ron Rozensky and Rick Seime referenced that Dr. Robinson “has been recognized with numerous awards and honors. These awards are for outstanding contributions in teaching and mentorship, distinguished contributions to the profession, distinguished service and contributions to diversity, and distinguished contributions to clinical psychology and clinical health psychology” and “The next generation of psychologists, actually several next generations, have been impacted by Dr. Robinson’s teaching and mentoring. Our field, and society, will be better for his dedication to education and training and the future of psychology.”

Dr. Robinson has been credentialed by the National Register since 1976.

This announcement will also be featured in the National Register’s Fall 2016 issue of The Register Report.

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