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Telepsychology Competencies Credential

The Telepsychology Competencies Credential is an educational platform brought to you by The Trust and the National Register that enables providers to achieve proficiency in the most common elements of telepsychological practice.

Telepsychology now enters a new chapter. As more psychologists and patients receive vaccinations, in-person care reemerges as a viable option for some. But telepsychology will remain an important part of practice.

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WEBINAR: Telehealth With Couples
Jasara Hogan, PhD

Dr. Jasara Hogan covers a variety of topics related to conducting couples therapy via telehealth. She examines basic best practices as well as specific issues that are frequently encountered when seeing a couple in their home. Dr. Hogan also examines possible changes in therapeutic approach for dealing with difficult or high-conflict couples via telehealth vs in person.

PODCAST: Telepsychology Dos and Don’ts

Dr. Samuel Lustgarten discusses telepsychology considerations. He covers the dos and don’ts of providing clinical services via electronic media. Encryption is one of the key points addressed as part of HIPAA and HITECH compliance when providing telepsychology services. Please note that this podcast was recorded April 2019; as time passes, telepsychology details and regulations may change or undergo updates.

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