APA Division Electees: Congrats to Our Registrants!


The 2019 APA Division and State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Election results are in. I am very pleased to announce that a larger number of Registrants have been selected to represent their division or SPTA on APA’s Council of Representatives. Please join me in congratulating the following Registrants and thanking them for their service to the profession.

Division 12

Member-at-large: Guillermo Bernal, PhD

Division 29

President-elect: Gary Vandenbos, PhD (National Register Staff)

Science and Scholarship Domain representative: Patricia Spangler, PhD

Council representative: Lillian Comas-Diaz, PhD,

Division 30

President-elect: Eric Willmarth, PhD

Division 35

Council Representative: Pamela Remer, PhD

Division 37

Council Representative: Mary Ann McCabe, PhD

Division 38

President-elect: Helen Coons, PhD

Member-at-large: Andrea Bradford, PhD

Council Representative: Susan H. McDaniel, PhD

Division 39

Member-at-large: Dana Sinopoli, PsyD

Division 42

President-elect: Elaine Ducharme, PhD

Council Representatives: Norman Abeles, PhD, Jana Martin, PhD, Lenore Walker, EdD

Division 43

V.P. for Education: Linda Berg-Cross, PhD

Division 44

Council Representative: Terry Gock, PhD (National Register Board Member)

Division 45

Council Representative: Robyn Gobin, PhD (National Register Board Member)

Division 49

President-elect: Joshua M Gross

Division 50

Member-at-large: Bruce Liese, PhD

Division 51

Member-at-large: Shalena Heard, PhD

Division 52

V.P. for Initiatives: Linda Garcia-Shelton, PhD

Division 55

President-elect: Derek Phillips, PsyD

Member-at-large: Cherie Ruben, PhD

Hawai’i Psychological Association

APA Council representative: Annie Nguyen, PsyD

See APA’s full list of 2019 Division and SPTA Election Results.

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