Telepsychology Dos and
Don'ts for Clinicians

Dr. Samuel Lustgarten discusses telepsychology considerations. He covers the dos and don’ts of providing clinical services via electronic media. Encryption is one of the key points addressed as part of HIPAA and HITECH compliance when providing telepsychology services. Please note that this podcast was recorded April 2019; as time passes, telepsychology details and regulations may change or undergo updates.

Image of Samuel LustgartenDr. Samuel Lustgarten, PhD, is an assistant clinical professor in counseling psychology and assistant director of the Counseling Psychology Training Clinic at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His work has centered on technology in psychology, specifically examining the ethical and legal considerations. Dr. Lustgarten’s research has been published in American Psychologist, Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, and Clinical Psychology: Science and Practice. Additionally, he serves as a consultant and educator for providers interested in utilizing technology in their service delivery. He can be reached on Twitter @Samlustgarten or via email at [email protected].

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