NR Recognized Credentials

Specialty Board Certification/Proficiency Certificates

The National Register recognizes the following four credentials to help the public identify psychologists who have met additional criteria in a specialty/proficiency.

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Criteria for Recognition

Organizations seeking recognition must have standing in their field, have a mission that generally aligns with that of the National Register, and must conform to the following six criteria (please refer to the detailed eligibility parameters on the application form below):

  1. The specialty or proficiency credentialed by the organization is officially recognized by the Commission for Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology of the American Psychological Association or the American Board of Professional Psychology. Click here for more information on APA Recognized Specialties and Proficiencies.
  2. The credentialing organization cooperates fully with the National Register in providing information on its functions, standards, and procedures, as well as any substantive changes in these or in the status of individual certificate holders.
  3. The credentialing organization has published bylaws, standards and procedures and is governed by an independent board of directors.
  4. The credential awarded is based on a review and verification of the individual’s education, training, licensure and ethical conduct status, and an assessment of competence using instruments such as a work sample, an oral exam, a written exam or other adequate means.
  5. The credentialing organization maintains a database from which the current status of a certificate holder can be easily verified by the public.
  6. The organization provides evidence of the application of process improvement procedures to credential review and competency assessment.

The National Register only recognizes specialty/proficiency credentials and licenses which are active and in good standing with the awarding organization/board. The NR does not recognize retired/inactive credentials or licenses.

In addition, the NR is required by NCQA accreditation standards to verify the status of each specialty/proficiency credential yearly through primary source documentation provided by the awarding organization.


If your organization would like to apply for recognition by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists, download the application here (PDF).


The fee for an organization to apply for recognition by the National Register is $2,000.  The fee in non-refundable. Once the application is submitted for review, it may not be modified. If an organization’s application is not approved by the National Register Committee on Recognition of Specialty Board Certification/Proficiency Certificates, the organization must re-apply for recognition. There is no appeal process.

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