1. What do I need to take advantage of CE.NationalRegister.org?
For free access to our continuing education, you must be an actively credentialed member of the National Register. You also need a computer, an internet connection, and a printer (if you need). Non-Registrants can refer to #5 for more information on accessing continuing education courses.

2. How much do the CE credits on CE.NationalRegister.org cost for Registrants?
Nothing. This service is completely free to Registrants.

3. How do I log in to my CE.NationalRegister.org account?
Access CE.NationalRegister.org by entering your Registrant/NPTR/Subscriber ID and password. Find step-by-step instructions here for logging in to—and navigating—our CE site.

4. I am not a Registrant. Can I still earn CE through CE.NationalRegister.org?
Access to our Integrated Healthcare Training Series and Partner Publication Courses sections is available to non-Registrants at a cost. To create an account, visit CE.NationalRegister.org and click the "Not a member?" button underneath the login fields. You'll need to provide your first name, last name, email address, and degree before clicking the "Create Account" button.

If you become a member of the National Register, continuing education courses are available free of charge. In addition to the Integrated Healthcare Training Series and Partner Publication Courses sections, Registrants have access to National Register publication courses and have the capability to electronically bank all CE credits, regardless of where they were earned. Click here to apply.

5. I submitted answers for CE questions in prior issues of The Register Report. Is the CE I earned in the past now considered APA Approved CE?
No. To conform to APA's standards for continuing education sponsorship, the articles and questions from past issues of The Register Report were updated and learning objectives and evaluation forms were added to the articles available on NationalRegister.org.

6. What is the basis for CE credits earned?
CE credits are assigned to courses based on the length of the course materials and earned by successfully answering at least 80% of the exam questions. These details are listed with the course information. For our video courses, watch one hour of video(s) and complete the applicable evaluation for one CE credit.

7. Is CE earned on CE.NationalRegister.org acceptable to my licensing board?
Yes! CE credits earned through the National Register meet the standards for acceptable CE credit in states, territories, or provinces that require continuing education credits for renewal of license. The National Register has offered free CE to Registrants for many years and became an APA-approved sponsor of continuing education on April 1, 2003.

8. How do I upload CE credits to CE.NationalRegister.org (this feature is only available to actively credentialed Registrants)?
CE.NationalRegister.org gives you the capability to electronically bank all of your CE credits, regardless of where you earned them. Find instructions here.