Call for Applications: Board of Directors, National Register of Health Service Psychologists


The National Register of Health Service Psychologists (National Register) is now accepting applications for one (1) psychologist position on its Board of Directors. The five-year term begins January 1, 2025 and concludes on December 31, 2029.

The National Register was established in 1974 and is the largest nonprofit credentialing organization for licensed psychologists and psychology doctoral students. The National Register is an independent nonprofit dedicated to improving healthcare by identifying psychologists who meet specific education and training standards, and by verifying these professionals to consumers, healthcare organizations, and regulatory bodies. As the professional home for health service psychologists, the National Register offers benefits including access to publications, awards, an annual conference, and a variety of professional services. 

Psychologist applicants must be credentialed by the National Register. The National Register does not require a minimum number of years of licensure or professional experience. Early-career psychologists and individuals from culturally diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Areas of expertise and practice settings will be evaluated for all applicants, with an eye toward those characteristics that best supplement the strengths of the current Board of Directors. During the 2024 application cycle, the National Register is especially interested in applicants with skills including, but not limited to, fundraising and establishing strategic partnerships that advance health service psychology. Other desirable backgrounds include leadership roles in health service psychology education and training, experience with regulations impacting health service psychologists and/or state boards of psychology, and prior professional or volunteer service with nonprofit organizations. The National Register seeks a diverse range of candidates of any background, gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.

So that you may make an informed decision in applying for the Board of Directors, please note that:

  • The primary role of the Board is to set policy consistent with the purposes of the corporation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • The Board of Directors meets twice a year, usually in early June and December, on Friday and Saturday. Board members are expected to physically attend both the spring and winter meetings. Between Board meetings, discussion and some decision-making occur through email and conference calls.
  • Each Board member serves on at least one National Register committee; typically, each committee conducts its business by email and conference call.
  • In consideration of the organization’s nonprofit status, National Register Board members do not receive a salary or stipend, but are reimbursed for reasonable expenses (e.g., economy-class airfare, hotel accommodations, and meals) to attend meetings.
  • This is a self-nomination process. Cover letters and the answers to the online survey are the most important components of the application. Please address what you might bring to the deliberations of the Board of Directors and describe how your expertise fits with the National Register mission. Final candidates are interviewed by a Board committee, and new Board members are elected by majority vote of the Board.
  • Board members serve a single five-year term.
  • Applicants are asked to disclose any conflict of interest, either actual or perceived, that might credibly be seen as interfering or having the potential to interfere with the responsibilities of serving on the Board. Board members will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

To apply, please complete and submit the form below. Be prepared to upload 1) a cover letter describing your areas of expertise and the contributions you will make to the National Register, and 2) your current CV.

Deadline to apply is 11:59pm Eastern Time on Sunday, October 1, 2024

Finalists will be interviewed by the National Register Nominations Committee in October and November, and the elections will be held at the National Register Board of Directors meeting in December 2024.

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