Winners of SAMHSA’s Tech-based Challenge to Assist Offender Reintegration

Recently, SAMHSA selected three winners for its Technology-based Offender Reintegration Toolkit Challenge. SAMHSA launched the Challenge in June to help persons re-entering the community after being incarcerated. Seven eligible entries were reviewed by a panel of technology specialists, subject matter experts, and representatives from the federal government, who evaluated the entries on their quality of product design, quality of product performance, feasibility of use, and potential impact. The winning solutions include: Obodo, an interactive membership website designed to be a hub that provides resources, information, and connection for persons formerly incarcerated; SecondChanceResources Library, a website designed to look and behave like a library, providing resources and information for persons formerly incarcerated; and Right Path, a website that provides resources and information for persons formerly incarcerated, and the people who help them (parole officers, community service staff, family, and friends).

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