The Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Homeland Security/Public Safety Crisis Response Team ("CRT") is seeking Licensed Psychotherapists from the Los Angeles area who are willing to volunteer their time to provide psychosocial support and psycho-education to CRT responders and to the program at large.

The CRT is comprised of (close to 300) volunteers who undergo screening, training & field experience in order to respond to the immediate needs of victims/surviving individuals of Homicide, Suicide, Accidental and Natural deaths, as well as Domestic Violence and other events- on scene. Approximately 98% of call-out Crisis Intervention responses involve death, and responders are regularly exposed to graphic material & highly emotionally charged individuals and situations .

The CRT team is activated by Police & Fire agencies throughout the city of Los Angeles and work closely with other agencies to provide continuing/follow-up victim support. Please see the attached flyer for additional information.

Mental Health professionals who are interested in providing pro-bono services will be required to undergo screening, field and academy training (approximately 40 hours) which is held at the Los Angeles Police Dept. Headquarters/Police Administration Building in downtown Los Angeles.

Members of the Mental Health arm of the Crisis Response Team have found this work to be profoundly meaningful and rewarding, and invaluable in gaining Crisis Intervention and Trauma experience. The program continues to grow in efficacy, efficiency and the esteem with which it is held by Law Enforcement and Fire agencies.

Interested parties should respond to this email with any questions, and/or provide a CV/Resume and telephone contact number.

Thank you.