Morgan T. Sammons, PhD, ABPP

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I’m glad to see so many Registrants and Trainee Registrants have already checked out the National Register’s new Integrated Healthcare Training Series and have earned free continuing education from these video modules. Last week, we released the first three modules of the series, which includes luminaries like Parinda Khatri, Neftali Serrano, Natalie Levkovich, Jeff Goodie, Kent Corso, Armando Hernández, Marlin Hoover, Jeff Reiter, and Bob McGrath. I very much appreciate the feedback some of you have provided on the series and our foray into online-based video learning.

Take a moment to see what the buzz is all about. Below you’ll find two great segments from the series: The Behavioral Health Consultation with Parinda Khatri, PhD, and The Triple Aim with Kent Corso, PsyD. Feel free to share these clips with your students, trainees, and colleagues. Don’t forget to then log into your account on to finish the modules and earn continuing education credit.

Watch The Behavioral Health Consultation with Parinda Khatri, PhD

Watch The Triple Aim with Kent Corso, PsyD

We are working with our videographers to put the finishing touches on the next series of modules and hope to release them in the coming weeks. Our aim is to have all 10 modules ready by the time of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association meeting in mid-October. This next wave of training videos will focus on the specific management of medical and psychosocial disorders in the integrated care environment.

We are now embarking on an exciting extension of this project that we’re calling the “20 Minute Consult.” These will be highly topical modules that address assessment, evaluation, and treatment planning for problems encountered in the rapid-paced integrated care environment. Our first in this series, by Registrant Mi-Young Ryee, PhD, will focus on the assessment and management of patients with celiac disease and gluten intolerance. While celiac disease is an uncommon diagnosis, psychologists need to be aware of its manifestations—like other uncommon diseases with psychological manifestations, such as systemic lupus erythematosis, it can be overlooked in the differential. Also, due to heightened awareness of gluten intolerance, many patients may have concerns the psychologist should be able to answer. As a leading expert in psychological management of celiac disease, Dr. Ryee is the perfect presenter for our first 20 Minute Consult. If you have ideas for other conditions or presentations that might be the focus of a future 20 Minute Consult, please send them along.

Who should access these videos? Whether you work in an integrated healthcare environment or not, you likely recognize the benefits of skilled psychological intervention and understand how integrated care environments can help provide access to mental healthcare for all. In that sense, all psychologists should be interested. Even if you don’t need CE credits, these should help add to your clinical armamentarium.

Although aimed at doctoral-level providers, I think that this series would be an excellent addition to the didactic curriculum for internship training sites as well as advanced graduate level courses. If you as a trainer or educator are interested in obtaining this series for your students or trainees, please let me know.

Remember also that our new CE website allows you to scan in any CE certificate you’ve earned and keep a running tally of credits you’ve received—a hassle free way of never having to look for a CE certificate again!

I hope you enjoy the work we’re doing to best serve our Registrants and Trainee Registrants. We’re improving all the time, so check back often, and, as always, if you have inspirations for other improvements, do let us know!