The Commonwealth Fund has found in a recent survey that the uninsured rate for American adults is significantly lower than it was before the first open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act. Furthermore, uninsured rates have gone down the most among the lowest-income populations. Majorities of all healthcare enrollees expressed satisfaction with their current coverage.

The Affordable Care Act also appears to have been effective at covering insurance “gaps” and enabling enrollees to access otherwise unattainable care. Among those who had enrolled in health insurance after the establishment of the Affordable Care Act’s marketplace, 61 percent said their new coverage enabled them to obtain healthcare they would not otherwise have gotten. Other survey statistics pointed to enrollment in marketplace care or Medicaid that was previously unavailable when someone lost their employer-supplied insurance. Most of the people newly insured since the ACA’s enactment had previously gone uninsured for two or more years.

For more statistics concerning the efficacy of the Affordable Care Act, please visit the Commonwealth Fund’s website.