The Commonwealth Fund has published an extensive and interactive resource for comparing the health care systems of several countries.

The site of International Health Care System Profiles is divided into listings by country and health care factor as well as relevant statistics and survey data:

  • Each country profile analyzes multiple health system factors. These factors include the comparative roles of government, private markets, and citizenry; cost and delivery; who and what is covered; demographics; integration of services; addressing inequities; and recent innovations.
  • Listings by health system factor compare the approach of multiple countries to a specific area side by side.
  • Statistics include care access and equity, patient and provider experiences, service coordination, spending, population risk factors, and overall views of how well each system works.
  • The Commonwealth Fund's recent international surveys form the final section of the site with relevant conclusions to the United States featured above a layout of graphics for other results.

To view the full resource, please visit the Commonwealth Fund's website.