One-Page Project Proposal Includes Specific Description of the Project

  • What is the project?
  • What methods will be utilized?
  • How does this project relate to the NR Mission?
  • Do you have a timeline, including project completion date?
  • Are your expected outcomes explained?

One-Page Budget

  • Did you include detailed information about the use of the finances?
  • Does the budget clearly relate to the proposed project? (e.g., can the evaluator see how the funds are assisting with the completion of project goals?)

One-page application letter describing your specific expertise and how it relates to the proposed project

  • Does your application letter detail your accomplishments as an ECP?
  • Does your application letter detail your expertise in the project area?
  • Does the application letter explain how the award will be beneficial to your project and to your career?

Current CV

  • Does the CV reflect the expertise described in the application letter?
  • Is the CV well organized?
  • Is the CV free of spelling and grammar errors?