The applicant must demonstrate successful completion of a doctoral degree in psychology as defined below:

  1. A doctoral degree in psychology from an APA/CPA accredited or ASPPB/National Register designated doctoral program in psychology.
     Transcripts will be reviewed to ensure that the applicant has completed the required course work in scientific/research foundations and scientific/professional applications (see Guideline 10).

    EXCEPTIONS to APA/CPA Accreditation and ASPPB/National Register Designation: 

    If the applicant earned a doctoral degree in psychology from a program that meets one of the two exceptions listed below, the National Register will individually review the program to determine if it meets criteria contained in Guidelines 2-11:

    • Doctoral programs in psychology completed prior to 1988 in Canada.
    • Doctoral programs in psychology completed outside of the U.S. and Canada.

     A graduate of a doctoral program that was denied for ASPPB/National Register designation or APA/CPA accreditation while he/she was enrolled in the program or after he/she completed the program is not eligible for the National Register Health Service Psychologist Credential.

  2. To review Guidelines 2-11, click here.