When a program formally notifies the JDC that it is no longer admitting students, the program has two listing options:

(1) Retain Designation Status For One Year

The chief academic officer of the institution submits a letter to the ASPPB/National Register Designation Committee informing the Committee that the program is closed to new students. At a specific date determined by the JDC, typically one year, the program is deleted from designation and the program listing is removed from the website. In the interim, the ASPPB/National Register Designation web page states for one year that this "Program is no longer admitting new students." This procedure applies only to programs considered by the JDC to meet designation criteria until the requested date for closure. Thus, individuals who have matriculated for a degree in a designated program that subsequently closes to new students may be considered as having completed a designated program when they graduate if they complete the requirements within the time frame determined by the JDC.

If a program decides to close and does not admit more students, the program faculty is responsible for guiding currently enrolled students through the program in a timely manner or assisting them to find adequate and appropriate placement in other doctoral programs. Programs in the process of closure have met their responsibility to currently enrolled students through a number of approaches. In some instances this has involved hiring a consultant to work with the students and faculty. Regardless of approach, the institution is responsible for fulfilling its obligations to currently enrolled students.

(2) Change to Designated/Inactive Status With Annual Monitoring

A program is eligible for the designated/inactive status if it is closed to new students, is scheduled to be phased out, and requests special accommodations for students so that they may move towards graduation from a designated program in a timely manner. The program submits the names of those students who have matriculated in the program, completed most of their coursework, but still have remaining requirements such as internship and dissertation completion.  Along with the student information, the program submits the predicted graduation date of each student as part of an agreement by the institution to participate in the JDC’s close monitoring of each student’s progress.  The chief academic officer of the institution submits a letter authorizing the program’s participation in the monitoring plan. After the JDC approves the initial plan for each student, the program submits an annual report indicating each student’s progress.  If a student does not make sufficient progress, the program informs the JDC regarding the action taken by the academic institution.

The annual monitoring fee for this designated/inactive status is $295, payable at the time the program submits its plan and annual reports to the JDC. Designated/Inactive programs will continue to be included in the listing of Doctoral Psychology Programs Meeting Designation Criteria for a one year time period. If students make progress each year towards graduation, the JDC can renew the listing status until the institution awards the degree to students identified in the original plan or terminates the students’ pursuit of a degree.