This Scientific American article provides an in-depth look at recommendations and questions surrounding the process involved when a transgender child is interested in transitioning from their assigned gender to their identified gender. Clinicians typically follow a protocol that starts the transition process with "careful screening, then blockers at the onset of puberty and later cross-sex hormones to allow them to undergo puberty in their affirmed gender, followed by surgery." While there has been success with this process, there are still questions about what timing is the most beneficial to the transgender child, whether it should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis or if it is essential that certain interventions not begin prior to adolescence. Many experts feel that "lasting gender identity" is solidified during adolescence and are reluctant to encourage children to transition too soon. Other clinicians, along with many parents, think certain children will thrive if they are allowed to transition socially by coming out to their community before adolescence. Read the full article on the Scientific American website.