Registrant Spotlight: Dr. Zoltan Gross


Dr. Zoltan Gross has been credentialed by the National Register since 1975 and is celebrating his 98th birthday, which makes him our oldest Registrant! We are grateful to him for his longstanding association with the Register and his many contributions to his patients and the profession.

Coinciding with this exciting milestone, Dr. Gross recently presented at the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration on “The Drama of Psychotherapeutic Conversation” with his colleague Dr. Nuno Conceição. Additionally, he is looking forward to the publication of his second professional volume. At 98, Dr. Gross still maintains a half-time practice where he strives to incorporate a two-person approach to relational psychotherapy. His ongoing research interests focus on emotional intelligence and personality theory.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Gross!

1200 New York Ave NW, Ste 800

Washington DC 20005

p: 202.783.7663

f: 202.347.0550

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