by Judy E. Hall, PhD

As of this fall, we have awarded more than 350 credentialing scholarships to deserving early career psychologists and doctoral students. These students and ECPs are the future of the National Register, and we are in good hands. I have been inspired by the quality and diversity of training experiences described in their application letters, and delighted that they are able to take advantage of our benefits such as credentials banking, licensure mobility, free continuing education, and a listing on I would also like to thank the Registrants and colleagues who donated to the Board-created Friends of Judy Hall Fund. Your contributions, along with those of our Board of Directors and staff, have made possible the opportunity for these new professionals to join the National Register during these difficult economic times. You can view a complete list of credentialing scholarship winners on

Speaking of Honoring Outstanding Psychologists... 

The National Register Board of Directors considered numerous excellent applications for the 2009 National Register Awards. After much deliberation, the Board voted to present the awards to two outstanding psychologists.

John C. Linton, PhD, was awarded the 2009 Alfred M. Wellner Lifetime Achievement Award. The Wellner Award is the National Register's highest honor bestowed on a psychologist. This award recognizes numerous and significant contributions to psychology during a distinguished career. Dr. Linton, of Charleston, WV, is a most deserving winner.

Dennis R. Combs, PhD, was awarded the 2009 Judy E. Hall Early Career Psychologist Award. The Hall Award supports special projects by distinguished early career psychologists. Dr. Combs, of Tyler, TX, plans to use the funds to support his pro bono treatment of low income persons with schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, and major depression.

Welcome to the National Register Board of Directors

This December, we say a fond farewell to several outstanding and long-serving members of the National Register Board of Directors. George Hurley, PhD, (Chair), Rosalind Dorlen, PsyD, (Secretary), and Steve Smith, JD, (Public member and longtime Chair of the Audit Committee) will all depart the Board at the end of 2009. Many thanks go to these three outstanding Board members and good friends who have served the National Register with distinction for many years.
In their place we welcome three new Board members. Steven Sobelman, PhD, of Baltimore, MD, will join the Board as a psychologist member. Patrick Chitwood, PhD, CPA, of Birmingham, AL, and Jesse A. Goldner, JD, of St. Louis, MO, will serve as public members. Please join us in welcoming these new members to the National Register Board of Directors.

Judy E. Hall, Ph.D.