The LINC Project Director will thus play a key leadership role in developing and implementing the project. Working in collaboration with faculty, learners, staff, and academic leadership, the LINC Project Director will champion the full range of project activities, including coordinating the diverse components of the IPE Incubator as well as assessing the efficacies of different LINC initiatives in order to identify those endeavors, which enhance and improve how interprofessional education is manifested across UT Health’s programs.

As a direct report to the Vice President for Academic, Faculty and Student Affairs in concert with the Deans Council, the Director will be a pivotal academic leader who will be instrumental in cultivating the environment for interprofessional education to thrive.

Among the key duties and responsibilities of the Director are to:

• Oversee and coordinate a campus awareness plan for LINC, by developing and implementing programs and strategies that inform all university stakeholders about LINC through regular meetings with faculty and student leaders as well as community partners;

• Invigorate the environment for interprofessional initiatives, using the competencies articulated by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC), which have been endorsed by UT Health San Antonio’s programmatic accreditors;

• Lead various LINC committees and councils in creating a more cohesive and comprehensive portrait of IPE across UT Health;

• Develop and implement a plan, in concert with faculty and decanal leaders, a to incorporate the IPEC competencies across the curricula of the five schools through curriculum mapping executed at the program level;

• Develop and populate the IPE database, coordinating contributions from faculty and staff across the institution;

• Coordinate annual IPE symposia;

• Develop assessment plans to evaluate interprofessional student learning outcomes congruent to the nature of the activities;

• Collaborate with institutional partners to provide reports and updates as requested, including assessment reports for accrediting organizations;

• Assure proper accountability and management of LINC, including fiscal resources, and implementing changes as approved;

• Raise the awareness and profile of UT Health’s interprofessional education endeavors by working collaboratively with faculty and students to disseminate the findings and outcomes of LINC in scholarly publications, professional meetings, and other appropriate venues;

• Investigate diverse methods of implementing interprofessional education, evaluate the outcomes, and report the findings in order to advance the scholarship and science of interprofessional education;

• Serve as the primary spokesperson for the LINC Project;

• Performs other duties as assigned.

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