Our dynamic and energetic Primary Care Mental Health Integration group is looking to add another psychologist to the team.  This psychologist will function in a collocated, collaborative model within his/her interdisciplinary primary care team (all teams include MDs, RNs, dietitians, social work, and telehealth).  The psychologist will be conducting same-day needs assessments, helping make treatment driving decisions, collaborating with medical staff, and providing brief, evidenced-based psychotherapy interventions.  If you have interest in learning more about our model, look here:  https://www.mirecc.va.gov/cih-visn2/

Our facility has a close connection with IU School of Medicine and all VA psychologists here have the opportunity to apply for faculty status with the SOM (we are also able to advance our faculty status beyond assistant as our careers develop).  All staff have time allotted for pursuing individual professional interests (e.g. one of our PCMHI staff is developing expertise working with veterans who identify as transgender and another is working on hospital-wide persistent pain initiatives).  We have an established internship and great relationships with IUPUI and U. Indy for practicum student placements.  Additionally, we live in the Crossroads of America with a great cost of living and medium traffic levels.

We are looking for a great team member to come on board so if you are interested please apply at the links below (one is internal VA and one is external).  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I can connect you with current staff members for additional information as well.  If you have excellent post-docs or interns who have specialized in primary care during either their internship or post-doc, please encourage them to apply.  We are certainly willing to wait for the right candidate.