Psychology doctoral students can now bank practicum hours, easily and at no charge, on their way to becoming licensed and credentialed by the National Register of Health Service Psychologists. This is a service to doctoral students, provided by the National Register, and there are no fees or obligations associated with banking practicum hours. Students may begin banking practicum hours in the first year of the doctoral program.

We know doctoral students and their supervisors are busy, so we built this application to only capture the essential elements of a practicum experience. We don’t require students to access the tracking app and enter hours on daily or weekly basis, and we don’t need constant back and forth with supervisors. Doctoral students simply access their credentials account at the conclusion of each practicum experience, enter the essential data – such as dates, location, supervisor information, and training focus – and get the Practicum Confirmation Form signed by their supervisor. The National Register maintains a record of the training experience and primary source verification in the student’s credentials banking file.

The practicum tracking is integrated into the National Register’s credentials banking application, just like interns and postdocs record and document their training experiences at a later stage. The application is based on the same principles of self-report plus signed primary source documentation which have made the National Register of Health Service Psychologists the largest and most successful credentialing organization for psychologists since 1975.

Practicum Tracking FAQs

How do I bank my practicum experiences?

  • There are two elements of practicum banking. 1) Doctoral students open an online credentials bank and enter data from their practicum experiences upon conclusion. This is a self-report process, and primarily for students’ information when applying for internship. 2) Students also have the option of submitting an official confirmation form signed by their supervisor at the practicum site. This primary source documentation is scanned into an electronic record and kept in the students’ credentials portfolio on file at the National Register, and may be used as supporting documentation in a licensure application.

Is there a cost to bank practicum hours?

  • No, this is a completely free service.

How many experiences can I document?

  • Up to 10 unique experiences.

Does the National Register have requirements for practicum experience and supervisor qualifications?

Does the National Register review practicum experience, similar to its review of internships, doctoral degrees, and postdoctoral experiences?

  • Not at this time.

I am applying for the Health Service Psychologist credential and banking my internship, degree, and postdoc experience. Am I required to also bank my practicum experience?

  • Practicum banking is optional, not reviewed nor required, and not considered an essential element of Health Service Psychologist (HSP) credentialing.

I am already credentialed as a Health Service Psychologist. Am I required to go back and document my practicum experience?

  • No.

Do doctoral students have access to their banked practicum hours?

  • Students can access their online credentials portfolio or request an electronic copy of the signed confirmation form at any time. Access is free and unlimited. As students complete internship, degree, postdoc, licensure, and become fully credentialed as health service psychologists, the practicum information stays in their credentials portfolio and is always accessible.