Mechanisms and Treatment of Anxiety, Trauma, and Grief-Related Disorders

A postdoctoral fellowship in psychology is available with the Anxiety and Complicated Grief Program, a new clinical research program in NYU Langone’s Department of Psychiatry, led by Naomi Simon, MD.

Our mission is to improve understanding and treatment of anxiety- and fear-related disorders and complicated grief through clinical investigation and treatment studies. We aim to leverage the exponential growth in real-time advances in genetics, neurobiology, molecular biology, pharmacotherapy, and psychology to better understand key factors that lead to the development and persistence of anxiety and grief disorders, as well as their optimal treatment.

The fellowship is designed to provide comprehensive training in research investigation and clinical care in anxiety, grief, and fear-based disorders, including complicated grief, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Ongoing studies at various stages of recruitment and data analysis include clinical trials of pharmacotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and yoga, and cross-diagnostic biomarker research utilizing blood samples.

Additional areas of interest include psychophysiological assessments and fear-conditioning paradigms, emotion perception experiments, real-time patient monitoring, sleep-related studies, and collaboration with neuroimaging laboratories.

The postdoctoral fellow will have the exciting opportunity to assist in the growth of this new program and will receive close mentorship and support as he or she continues to develop a professional career in clinical psychology and clinical research.

Applicants must have a PhD degree and have completed an internship in clinical psychology by July 2018. Competitive applicants will have prior experience in relevant clinical care and/or research; a background in related psychology, neuroscience, and/or biological studies; and demonstrated interest in this line of research as exemplified by academic presentations and/or peer-review publications.

Candidates who are motivated to pursue a career in clinical research to investigate the phenomenology and treatment of anxiety-, fear-, and/or grief-related conditions will be considered for the position and are encouraged to apply. Supervised clinical time to support training and licensure is included in the fellowship.

Interested applicants should email their cover letter and CV to Dr. Simon at and program coordinator Rebecca Lubin at by February 1, 2018. We are accepting applications on a rolling basis.

NYU School of Medicine is an equal opportunity employer committed to fostering diversity for postdoctoral fellows in the workplace. The following positions offer competitive salaries, excellent benefits, and eligibility for student housing.