The Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center in Philadelphia is proud to offer a 1-year postdoctoral fellowship in  Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis on Health Psychology and Inter-professional Training.

 Program Structure

The postdoctoral fellowship is a one year, full-time training experience. Fellows will spend approximately 50% of their time devoted to the direct provision of clinical services. In addition, they will receive at least 2 hours of supervision/week. Fellows will take an active role in developing their own training plan and in adjusting it to meet their needs and emerging interests. Fellows will receive experiential and didactic training in interprofessional team-based care and evidence-based care in health psychology/behavioral medicine. Apart from this central training, fellows will function in different capacities determined by the core emphasis. The Interprofessional Curriculum will include: a) Clinical Experiences, i.e. experiential learning; b) Didactics; c) Research; and d) other training experiences.

 Veterans often present with multiple chronic health concerns requiring more comprehensive and coordinated team based care. For all Veterans, attention to wellness and chronic disease/condition management and risk reduction is central.  The postdoctoral fellow with emphasis in Health Psychology and interprofessional training will spend the majority of their clinical time functioning in the role of a psychologist on various interdisciplinary healthcare teams and on the interdisciplinary pain team, where the fellow will provide assessment, intervention, and “curbside” consultation with interdisciplinary providers.  The postdoctoral fellowship will consist of a combination of year-long required assignments, briefer experiences, and a program development project based on the fellow’s interests.  Strong emphasis will be placed on promoting skills in working collaboratively with other disciplines, to foster a strong professional identity in the role of a health psychologist, and to encourage continuing professional growth.

Training Experiences

1.      Health Promotion Disease Prevention (HPDP): The fellow will receive specialty training in behavioral medicine interventions delivered in individual and group format as well as interdisciplinary collaboration. The fellow will assume a leadership role on the HPDP team by triaging program referrals (coping with chronic illness, weight management, insomnia, functional GI disorders), coordinating and facilitating HPDP group supervision, providing tiered supervision to psychology intern(s) and/or practicum student(s), and consultation to various interdisciplinary treatment teams (e.g., oncology, MOVE, Tobacco, ALS).

a.      In collaboration with the Radiation and Hematology Oncology specialty clinics, the fellow will assist with the development and implementation of bio-psycho-social distress screening and patient navigation for newly diagnosed patients. In addition, the fellow will manage oncology referrals, coordinating treatment and referrals to HPDP interns as needed. The fellow will consult with specialty oncology clinics and develop and provide treatments via group, individual format and colocation services.

b.      The fellow will attend the bi-weekly amyotrophic laterals sclerosis (ALS) clinic in colocation. In collaboration with the multidisciplinary team including neurology, the fellow will briefly meet with caregivers and veterans as needed, providing short-term supportive interventions to address treatment decision making, future-planning, stress management, problem-solving, anticipatory grief, and provide education. The fellow will develop and implement a screening practice for caregivers to facilitate direction of services.

2.      Behavioral Pain Management:  The fellow will have specialty training in the treatment of chronic pain.  Employing a bio-psycho-social model of understanding and a mind-body approach to treatment strongly grounded in CBT, the fellow will see patients for comprehensive psychological pain intakes, joint intakes for new patients with a nurse practitioner, individual follow-up, group intervention, assist in triaging chronic pain referrals, and provide education and offer services for warm handoffs while collocated in the clinic.  Additionally, the fellow will have the opportunity to co-facilitate and supervise Pain School, a comprehensive class offering covering nutrition, physical therapy, mindfulness and medications among other topics.  The fellow will also assist in development and implementation of a biofeedback group for veterans with chronic pain.  The fellow will be involved in multidisciplinary pain team meetings and will be expected to contribute to treatment planning for veterans.  Communication and collaboration with primary care and mental health providers is emphasized to ensure continuing of care and foster comprehensive treatment of pain.

Salary: $45,221, Start date TBD

Please submit all materials (described in attached brochure) directly to Dr. Pilchik at