Job Description

Time- 32 hours

Mon-Thu 12-8 PM

General Duties

1. Aid in the oversight of the general operations of the Parnes clinic, including but not limited to.

  1. Screen patients
  2. Approve patients for the clinic and assign them to therapists.
  3. Answer students’ questions. (Extremely important)
  4. Provide TOTAL evening clinic coverage.
  5. Provide ad-hoc supervision of students as needed (with co-signature of clinic director.)
  6. Oversee charting (including the maintenance of electronic charting).
  7. Update all clinic materials as needed, such as manuals, brochures and website.
  8. Manage crises (under supervision of clinic director).
  9. Treat as many patients as needed to satisfy licensure requirements (with co-signature of clinic director). This is also extremely flexible.

 2. Be available to faculty and staff for all issues involving the clinic.

  1. Attend faculty meetings as needed.
  2. Meet with individual doctoral faculty as needed.
  3. Help with “clinic related classes”, such as SCID training.
  4. Help with admissions as needed.

 3. Participate in outreach as needed.

 Specific Duties

  1. Have primary oversight of testing in the clinic.
  2. Initial contact for emergencies and crises on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings.
  3. Be a “point person” for all ongoing research in the clinic, including but not limited to:
    1. Evidence based therapy outcome research.
    2. Evidence based research on the efficacy of various assessment tools.
    3. Community-based research
  4. Help facilitate the planning for and transition to new clinic location.


  1. $35,000/year. (Based on a 4-day week.)
  2. Benefits are included at the cost of approximately $20.00/month.
  3. Supervision for licensure.
  4. Research supervision.
  5. Permission to audit 1 Ferkauf class per semester (for free.)
  6. There also may be an opportunity to teach or co-teach a class or lab at Ferkauf. The (additional) salary for this is between $2500 and $4000 per class or lab.


  • Completion of doctoral degree.
  • An interest in clinic administration.
  • An interest in community psychology
  • A need for the completion of hours for licensure.
  • An ability to be flexible and to improvise as the situation directs.
  • An enjoyment of flexibility and improvisation as the situation directs.


William Salton, Ph. D.

Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology/Yeshiva University