The Department of Supportive Care Medicine at City of Hope National Medical Center is accepting applications for a one year postdoctoral fellowship in psycho-oncology. Goals of the fellowship include:

  • Expand consulting skills to assess, triage, make recommendations and provide treatment as appropriate.
  • Recognize and address mental health concerns in patients with cancer and other medical problems.
  • Increase awareness of cancer-site and treatment-specific psychological problems.
  • Learn about the timing and appropriateness of interventions for patients (e.g. individual, group, family, couples, cognitive-behavioral, crisis intervention, acute stabilization, bereavement counseling, and supportive)
  • Interact meaningfully with a number of interdisciplinary teams including physicians, nurses, social workers, case managers etc.
  • Increase knowledge of cancer sites, treatment, and clinical course of cancer.
  • As a liaison, be able to provide support to oncology staff, and facilitate a greater understanding of patients and families by treatment teams.
  • Develop identity as a competent, ethical, professional psychologist.

City of Hope is an NCI-designated comprehensive cancer center.  It is located in Duarte, California, just 20 miles from downtown Los Angeles, and 10 miles east of Pasadena, California.  It is comprised of inpatient and outpatient medical facilities, in addition to the Beckman Research Institute.  City of Hope is one of only 40 national comprehensive cancer centers and is a founding member of the Comprehensive Cancer Center Network.  A pioneer in bone marrow transplantation, City of Hope is nationally recognized for research in the areas of clinical oncology, bone marrow transplantation, and endocrinology.

Applications should be received by January 25, 2019 for a start in September 2018.

Applicants must have graduated from an APA-accredited program and an APA accredited

Internship and have a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in clinical psychology. Specific application requirements and directions included here.