In a recent post, NAMI's blog grappled with the effects of bipolar moods and unstable self-esteem through an unusual lens: the character of Kylo Ren, son of Han Solo in the new Star Wars movie.

The author focuses on Ren's struggle to be the person he wants to be, in spite of his seeming mental illness. Although he is responsible for running the First Order, an organization overseeing the galaxy, Ren struggles with destructiveness when he is angry and either lashes out, lacking control, or becomes disgusted by his own identity. He then has to reconstruct his world after the consequences of his actions have changed everything.

Although the circumstances are literally worlds apart, the author speaks from similar personal experience about difficulties with bipolar mood and borderline personality. The reader gets a window into these difficulties, and to the implications of attendant depression or suicidal tendencies. And although there is no happy ending for Ren yet, nor no easy resolution for the author's own struggles with mental illness, the author sees hope in the new opportunity to discuss what normally gets swept under the rug, and to connect with others about intense emotional experiences.

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