At the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, researchers have found higher risks for depression, anxiety and self-harm, including suicide attempts, among younger and black gay men, as compared to their older and white counterparts.

In the study's findings, younger gay men, aged less than 26, were twice as likely to be depressed and six times as likely to have attempted self-harm as older gay men, aged greater than 45. Black gay men were also twice as likely to be depressed or anxious and five times as likely to have attempted self-harm compared to white gay men.

Study author Ford Hickson posits that the age differences found may exist "because men are better able to cope with homophobia the older they are, or if they are relatively privileged in other areas of their lives." However, the study does not report empirically validated explanations for most of its findings.

The study also found greater risk among those who had lower incomes and no university-level education. There was a lower risk level by 50% among those "living with a male partner... [as opposed to those] living alone."

To read the full summary of the study, visit the MedlinePlus website.