North Carolina State University just conducted a study which concludes that former problem drinkers find it difficult to “navigate social settings.” The researchers based the study on eleven former problem drinkers ranging in their sobriety from 1-19 years. “Many of the study participants said they tried to avoid the issue altogether. Methods included posing as a drinker by holding a cup but not drinking, or simply refusing offers to drink without saying why.” Some of the participants in the study stated that they were open about their history, “particularly if they thought it would get them out of a situation that threatened their sobriety, or if they believed it would help other problem drinkers.”

The study’s author, Lynsey Romo, states that “the findings tell us that former problem drinkers can find it tricky to navigate social situations where alcohol is involved, and makes clear it's important to support those who aren't drinking and not push nondrinkers to disclose their reasons for not having a drink.”

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