Who Gets Left Behind Without Combined Treatments? Practically Everybody.

Combining psychopharmacological and psychological interventions for most mental disorders works. Whatever the outcome measure chosen, the accumulated evidence is convincing that pharmacotherapy alone is a suboptimal treatment for most forms of mental disorder. We as psychologists have probably intuited this throughout our professional lives, and those of us who were fortunate enough to be practicing during the heyday of combined treatment acquired early clinical evidence that such interventions were effective. Read more.

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In the News

Spotlight: Trending with Teens

Must Watch: 13 Reasons Why 

The mental health consultants behind "13 Reasons Why" explain the decisions behind depicting the graphic suicide of a high school girl. Some school counselors report their students are quoting lines from the show in sessions. Our friends over at NASP posted this guide of considerations for educators working with students who have seen the show.

Must Have: Fidget Spinners

In the past few weeks, fidget spinners have become ubiquitous, inspiring thinkpieces on fidgeting as a way to cope, if the toy is the perfect toy of the Trump era, and questioning if they are actually helpful for people with attention disorders.

Not Cool: School Bullies

The effort to end school bullying has worked: the number of students who report being bullied has dropped over the past decade to half of what it once was. Read more.

Education Highlights

Partner Publication Courses on

We've partnered with Hogrefe Publishing to create continuing education courses for their series Advances in Psychotherapy: Evidence-Based PracticeBrowse these new offerings under the "Partner Publication Courses" tab. Check it out and earn free CEs!

Addressing Suicide Prevention and Untreated Mental Illness in AI/AN Communities - 5/18

This webinar will feature a school-based peer advocate program that has been effective in curbing the prevalence of suicide and untreated mental illness in American Indian and Alaska Native communities. Find out more.

Strategies to Reduce the Harm of Prescription Drug Misuse - 5/30

This webinar from SAMHSA's Center for the Application of Prevention Technologies will explore strategies that seek to decrease the availability of and prevent dependency and overdose from prescription drugs. Participants will get a certificate of attendance. Find out more.

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Clinical Neuropsychologist - Baltimore, MD

Perform direct service and program development at a rehab hospital.

Psychologist - Fort Myers, FL

A busy family practice is seeking a pediatric or health psychologist to join their team.

Health Psychologist- St. Cloud, MN
A position embedded in an integrated weight management program.

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On, our free CE site, members can browse and watch 41 videos from our Integrated Healthcare Training Series using the "Video Courses" tab. We track the videos you've watched and when you reach one hour (worth one CE credit), you'll complete an evaluation form to earn your certificate. Find out more.

 Registrants In the News

National Register Board Member June W. J. Ching, PhD, ABPP was recently awarded APA Division 42's Distinguished Psychologist Award. Integrated Healthcare Training Series presenter Neftali Serrano, PsyD, has been named the Executive Director of the Collaborative Family Healthcare Association. Congratulations!

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