It's Getting Scary Out ThereDr. Serafine Shows Us Why

Many Registrants are aware of a recent case in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court entitled Serafine v. Branaman. Dr. Serafine ran for the office of Texas State Senator in 2010, describing herself in campaign materials as a psychologist, despite not being licensed as one. When challenged by the Texas State Board of Psychological Examiners, Dr. Serafine desisted from labelling herself as a psychologist, but when the election was over, she sued the Texas Board, claiming that her first amendment rights had been infringed. At hand, there are two issues with this case that pose threats to the profession of psychology. Read more.

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Spotlight: Self Improvement

Is the Secret to Success Failure?  
Two years after grit made waves as the key to success, schools nationwide push to measure students' emotional skills. Angela Duckworth, the psychologist behind it all, is back in the news promoting a new book on the subject and trying to clear up how her research is being used. Others argue that the problem with adding it to curriculum in at-risk schools to promote student success is that poor kids already have grit.

Never Too Late for Spring Cleaning

Turns out that clutter, the overabundance of possessions that collectively create chaotic and disorderly living spaces, has a negative impact on psychological home and subjective well-being. Read more.

Cheat Days Help Us Achieve Goals

Whether your goal involves a diet, a budget, or a workout plan, a planned hedonic deviation, or cheat day, can boost your drive in the long run. Read more.

We All Appreciate Meaningless Rewards

When the journal Psychological Science adopted three badges to signal papers that use transparent practices, they were skeptical psychologists would be motivated by them. Two years later, it seems that the badges have worked.  Read more.

Out with Self-Esteem, In with Self-Compassion

Despite being a pop-psychology cure-all, boosting your ego won't make you feel any better. Instead, some psychologists are promoting self-compassion, or treating yourself like you would your best friend, even when they screw up. Read more.

Become Great at Something New

After covering productivity, the Freakonomics podcast moved on to something more ambitious: how to become great at just about anything. By asking whether talent is grossly overrated, they dig into psychologists studying the science of expertise. Find out more.


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Five new exams have been added to the National Register's continuing education course library. These courses and many others are free as a benefit of National Register membership! Find out more.

Finding Common Ground: Collaborating with Payers to Support Integration - May 19

This SAMHSA webinar will examine how to find common ground with potential partners to achieve your integrated care goals. Find out more.

Countering School Pushout & Criminalization of Girls of Color - May 24

This webinar from the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention will examine pathways to school pushout and confinement for girls of color and key concepts and strategies to reduce the criminalization of these girls. Find out more.

Clinical Tools for Chronic Pain Management Among Individuals with Substance Use Disorders - May 26

This webinar is the second part in a series from the National Council of Behavioral Health that examines clinical options for patients with chronic pain and substance use disorders. Find out more.

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Job Board

Primary Care Psychologist-

La Crosse, WI

A 50/50 residency faculty and clinical practice position at the Mayo Clinic.

Provide clinical care to patients with cardiac conditions at a nationally ranked academic research institution.
Join Hunter College of CUNY's Department of Psychology and Center for HIV/AIDS Educational Studies and Training.

Pediactric Psychology Fellowship- Little Rock, AR

A full-time, year-long postdoctoral fellowship beginning in Fall 2016.

Do research and clinical work in dental anxiety in an interdisciplinary setting.
Focus on Health Psychology in this position at the University of Florida.

National Register Award Nominations

Due May 20, 2016

Nominations for the Judy E. Hall, PhD Early Career Psychologist Award and the Alfred M. Wellner, PhD, Lifetime Achievement Award are due May 20, 2016. We encourage you to consider nominating a fellow Registrant or yourself for the awards!

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Thinking about branching out? The National Register has agreements with 46 states and provinces to waive application requirements and expedite licensure for National Register credentialed Health Service Psychologists. Find out more and request a verification letter here.

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