Is Health Care Reform Possible?
Yes, If We Focus On the Real Problem

The health care debate in this country is currently focused on who gets health care and how much they must pay for it. Both are incredibly important questions, but ignore a larger issue: quality. What are we getting in return? The American Health Care Act of 2017 is the first attempt by the current Congress to make good on campaign promises to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. The National Register is a non-partisan organization, and it is not my intention to provide a partisan analysis of what is, admittedly, a very partisan bill. That said, I’d like to provide a few highlights of this 122 page piece of legislation that by any objective standard should be of significant concern to psychologists and our patients. Read more.

In the News

Spotlight: Sleep

Sleepwalking for Survival 

Because of pharmacologically based sleep aids, sleepwalking is on the rise. This article theorizes that sleepwalking is hard-wired in the brain as a survival mechanism. Read more.

Your Sleep Schedule Is Making You Sick

After observing the effects of jet lag on his patient's mood disorder, the author of this New York Times Op-Ed digs into the connection of sleep, sunlight, and mood. Read more.

"Sleepy Monday" Strikes Again

Setting our clocks ahead for daylight savings time makes the following Monday when most Americans consistently don't get enough sleep, leading to increased car accidents, impaired judgment, and time wasted at work. Read more.

Losing Sleep Over Tracking Your Sleep

A new paper in the journal Sleep Medicine links sleep-tracking apps and devices to more sleep problems, perhaps because the way they tend to increase sleep-related anxiety. Read more.

The Science of Naps

For people who don't sleep enough during the night, daytime naps can improve alertness and motor performance. But for healthy adults who do get a reasonable amount of nighttime sleep, is there any benefit to taking a nap? Read more.

Seeing Red: Our Circadian Rhythms Will Make Us Miserable On Mars

Those planning on a future life on Mars should get used to permanent jet lag and its accompanying cognitive fuzz. A Martian day is 40 minutes longer than one on Earth; after a short while, the Mars clock would eat away at our circadian rhythms. Read more.

Education Highlights

How To Get Your EHR To Match Reality- 3/28

This webinar from SAMHSA is designed to teach strategies and steps your team can use to make the most of the EHR to support improved health outcomes for your patients. Find out more.

Strategies for Improving Law Enforcement Responses to People with Behavioral Health Conditions - 3/30

This webinar will examine lessons learned from efforts to ensure successful interactions between police officers and people experiencing a mental health crisis. Find out more.

Resource: Polyvictimization in Later Life

This online training is a 6-hour web-based training aimed at strengthening awareness of polyvictimization in later life and providing professionals with skills to address the needs of victims. Find out more.

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Job Board

Primary Care Psychologists - Philadelphia, PA

Multiple positions for psychologists in integrated settings at the VAMC.

Pediatric Psychologist- Grand Rapids, MI
Deliver interdisciplinary services in an intensive feeding program.

Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Health Psychology- Auckland, NZ
A tenure-track position at one of the top 100 universities in the world.

Clinical Psychology Fellowship- Albuquerque, NM

A VA postdoctoral position in pain and sleep psychology.

Primary Care/Health Psychology Fellowship- Minneapolis, MN

A county medical center seeks an integrated behavioral health fellow.

Postdoctoral Research Positions- University Park, PA
Do research in clinical, personality, or applied psychology at Penn State.

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Nominations for the Judy E. Hall, PhD Early Career Psychologist Award and the Alfred M. Wellner, PhD, Lifetime Achievement Award are due May 15, 2017. We encourage you to consider nominating a fellow Registrant or yourself for the awards!

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Due April 17

These scholarships help doctoral students, postdocs, and early career psychologists become credentialed as Health Service Psychologists by covering the cost of the application fees. Find out more about the scholarship program and apply.


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